Our expertise, your safety.

 Our expertise, your safety.


What We Do

Modern Tactical Training Solutions

Active Shootings

Your safety is important to you. We provide the fundamental skills that you need to survive the reality of the modern world. Whether an Active Shooting Event, armed attack, home invasion, kidnapping, or any form of modern violence, you need time-tested battlefield methods that any civilian can use to emerge unscathed.

 Our methods take the fight to the attacker and use basic bio-mechanical principles to program your mind, body and spirit to prevail.  

The truth

Active Shootings


  •  Humans prey on other humans. 
  • Only you can take the steps necessary to defend yourself.

We are here to provide the essential tools you need to increase your safety and well-being during  any and all attacks in the modern world.

What Skills do you Need?

Active Shootings

Awareness & Basic Responses

Molded with...


Gives you a...

Fighting Chance

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The danger

Active Shootings

The biggest danger during an assault of any kind is not having your responses hardwired in your body. The time it takes to think of a response will give your attacker the edge.

Will you freeze or will you respond during an attack?

the solution

Active Shootings

Explore and program your response options to all types of attacks with simple step by step fundamentals.Live a powerful healthy life in the face of modern dangers.